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The Food From Different Countries,Can You Tell Which Country?

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The Food From Different Countries,Can You Tell Which Country?

Humans and all living things in the world can not be separated from the sun and rain, food, and nutrition. Of course, as the master of the people, but also to eat the need to play the most vivid! Let it in color, fragrance, taste, all-encompassing, reflecting the wisdom and labor of humanity. More because of differences in country, species, and environmental influences make the material rich and colorful, but no matter where you come from, I believe that the love of food and I am the same.

Now let's count the dishes that not only fill your stomach but also trigger your ten-level taste buds!

Americans prefer high-calorie, high-protein foods, and their fast-food culture has spread around the world, like McDonald's and KFC. And desserts, I was most impressed by the doughnuts;

Germans generally have a big appetite for meat desserts, referring to German cuisine is certainly not without sausage beer and bread;

The Japanese pursuit of rice to achieve the ultimate sushi nutrition and delicious at the same time without losing elegance;

Chinese people can be said to be eighteen-like martial arts-like proficient, fried, fried, slug, paste, fried, roasted, stewed, hot, steamed, steamed, soaked, stalls and so on, the food to play to the exhaustive shape, eight cuisines have their autumn, of course, the eyes of the world dumplings and roast duck is the first impression of Chinese cuisine;

Many countries don't understand why the French prefer dessert cheese, and street beauties are not necessarily fat everywhere. Diet pay special attention to nutrition matching, not only romantic, but eating also pursues the tone. When it comes to eating, I don't care if I don't care, French-style fried foie gras, french loaf, croissants, toasted toast, cheese, maccaron, coriander, Napoleon, puff... Spitting all over the place;      

Iceland's hot dogs, Ukraine's Ronson soup, Naples pizza, silky delicious, bitter and sweet chocolate, reflecting the Indian soul of the warm and straightforward curry rice, Portuguese egg tarts, Korean stone pot mixed rice ... The thought of these keeps the taste buds alive and the mouth full of infinite reverie.  

The long-standing environment and habits have contributed to today's preferences. With the development of the globalization of material culture, taste buds also open up the international experience. They satisfy the desire of the mouth and mouth at the same time to appreciate the country's property culture, national character.

Come and take part in our little test to enjoy the cuisine of various countries and experience food creation by people all over the world!


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