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American food

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American food

There were some foods before colonization. The colonization of America in Europe brought in many new ingredients and cooking methods. Compared with the proportion of immigrants from other countries, this category continues to expand to the 19th and 20th places. Food preparations throughout the United States are very rich.

When you think of Japanese cuisine, you might think of raw fish and seaweed. Italian cooking may remind you of pasta, risotto and lots of cheese. However, it is not easy for Americans to define food, because the United States is a melting pot that influences cooking. This is why the culinary experts, chefs and food writers of Flavor Nation have compiled a list of the best American food in each state each year.

When you think of "American cuisine", the first thing that comes to mind is classic dishes such as burgers, fried chicken, hot dogs and pancakes. Like many Americans, food is also influenced by other places. Germany, Britain, Italy, Holland, France and the Caribbean are just some of the cultures, which are now regarded as typical American food.

This list is not exhaustive and does not cover all items consumed in the United States, but it does include foods and dishes that are common in the United States or originated in the United States.

This is a summary of popular American foods that we can find all over the country! Don't miss these 15 classic American foods that are worth making a comeback! Some dishes are delicious and will impress you. Have you tasted the dishes that make you linger? Do they make you drool just by seeing them? How many have you tried?


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