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5 Best Mario Games

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5 Best Mario Games

Mario is one of the largest video game characters in history, producing multiple games that people like every year. 

Almost everyone has a famous plumber genre, whether it's traditional Super Mario platform games or Mario Kart racing games, and Mario has been a favorite classic video game character since its debut in 1985. 

It's time to join his next adventure, which is why you need a new Mario game. 

What is the most popular Mario game? 

What is the best Mario game ever? 

What makes Mario games so good? 

Many Mario games, such as Super Mario Brothers, and Super Mario Desai, Action Adventure platform games, which is a game fusion of three genres. 

The five best super Mario games, Super Mario Desai, the five best-selling Mario games and the best-selling cooperative party games of all time, the joy brought to players by these games is unforgettable for many people. Let's take a look!


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