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5 Longest Mario Games

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5 Longest Mario Games

With so many games to choose from, the Super Mario Series is something for everyone to enjoy. These are the games that take the longest to beat by far.

Mario graphics from Super Picross, Paper Mario, and Mario Odyssey

Mario games are not known for their length. It rarely takes long for either the main platform family or the various spin-offs to beat them. Most casual gamers can easily finish a Mario game in a day. However, due to the many different spin-offs in different genres, the length of Mario games can vary. A mainstream Mario game might not take a week, but a Paper Mario game does.

Of course, length is not the only factor in-game quality. Mario games are beautifully laid out and don't keep the player too long. Even derivative games provide only what is necessary. So, based on average playtime across all play styles, which Mario game has the longest playtime?

There have been a number of great Mario games released over the past few years. Nintendo's icon has become so well known that developers have been able to launch some truly ambitious spin-offs, many of which have grown into full-fledged games of their own. Now Nintendo is looking for more ways to incorporate the Mushroom Kingdom into other series and genres. To celebrate all of these great games, we take a closer look at the longest Mario games. The games on this list have been updated with more information on completion times, and even more, games have been added to the battle of the longest Mario game.


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