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The 5 Best First-Person Shooter Games

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The 5 Best First-Person Shooter Games

First person shooting game is actually a lot of fun, like this game Battlefield 1, Watch Vanguard, Titan fell 2, call of Duty 14: world War II, Rainbow 6 siege, if you like single linear straightforward shooting games, then recommend: German headquarters 2: new Colossus, DOOM Devastator 4. 

If you like the open world exploration shooting game, you can try: isolated island shock 3, 4. 

If you like to bring some RPG elements, you can brush the equipment of the FPS game, you can try: no master land 1, no owner land 2, no owner land previous work, if you like to bring a little bit scary, then you can try: biochemical crisis 7, predation Prey, here more recommended Titan fall 2, the single story is really cool, there are so many fun games, do you have any special likes, can you recognize them?


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