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Delicious but dumplings

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Delicious but dumplings

Dumplings originated from the corners of ancient China. Formerly known as "Jiao'er", it is an ancient Han Chinese traditional pasta with a history of more than 1,800 years. It was the first invented by Zhang Zhongjing, a medical saint in Dengzhou, Nanyang during the Eastern Han Dynasty for medicinal purposes. It is a traditional special food loved by the Chinese people, also known as dumplings. It is a staple food and local snack in northern China, and it is also a New Year food. There is a folk song called "Big Han Xiaohan, eat dumplings for the New Year." Dumplings are mostly boiled with dough stuffing.

When making dumplings, people often pack Jinruyi, brown sugar, peanuts, dates and chestnut coins into the stuffing. Those who eat wishful things and brown sugar will have sweeter days in the coming year. Those who eat peanuts will live a long and healthy life, those who eat dates and chestnuts will give birth to precious sons early, and those who eat coins will be rich.

Dumplings evolved from wontons. In its long development process, there are many names, such as "lao pill", "flat food", "dumpling bait" and "fenjiao" in ancient times. It was called "Crescent Wonton" in the Three Kingdoms period, "Wonton" in the Southern and Northern Dynasties, "Yuanyue-shaped Wonton" in Tang Dynasty, "Jiaozi" in Song Dynasty, "Bianshi" in Yuan and Ming Dynasty; and "Bianshi" in Qing Dynasty. Dumplings".

Dumplings originated in the Eastern Han Dynasty and were first created by Zhang Zhongjing, a native of Dengzhou, Henan. At that time, dumplings were used for medicinal purposes. Zhang Zhongjing wrapped some cold-relieving medicinal materials in the dough to treat diseases and prevent frostbite on the ears of patients.

Dumplings are characterized by thin skin and tender filling, delicious taste, unique shape, and endless food. The raw materials for making dumplings have a complete range of nutrients, and the cooking method ensures less nutrition loss, and conforms to the connotation of Chinese color, flavor, and food culture.

Dumplings are a kind of folk food with a long history. They are very popular among Chinese people. There is a common saying that "dumplings are delicious but not delicious". During the Spring Festival, dumplings have become an indispensable delicacy.


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