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Many People Play These Songs On Repeat,Can You Name ?

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Many People Play These Songs On Repeat,Can You Name ?
John P

No matter how you sing, there are always some melodies that will circulate in your mind if you are not careful, sometimes accompanied by unconscious body swings. These repetitive songs are like some beating spirits, always give you a lot of feelings and make your mood better!

When we meet a lot of people in our lives, a person at this time is suitable for listening to a treasured song. Treasure songs have their own unique and beautiful melody, which brings us the stimulation of the melody. The more exciting these songs are Stronger, the more repetitions, the deeper the memory, and the more intoxicating! Next, let us use a clue to evoke our memories of these songs!

In the two brain hemispheres of the human body, the right brain is more sensitive to singing. It is more active than the left brain when it first appreciates music and actively evokes melody in the later stage. We can try it when we listen to it. This is a good one. Skills will make you feel more fun!

Due to heavy workload and fast pace, all kinds of busyness have quietly surrounded urban white-collar workers. "Tired" is almost the common voice of every netizen, so we always need some songs to comfort our busy life! Let us listen to these songs together and feel their charm!

Do you like playing the same song repeatedly in a loop? How many times do you want to broadcast each song? There are too many reluctant things in everyone's heart. Some lyrics are like needles, some melody makes the eyes wet, and some are familiar music, suitable for listening over and over again, sometimes it is no longer heard. Knowing what you are singing, can you name these treasure songs?

Players can listen to each of these songs. Through the context, do you know which song these excerpts belong to?

These songs all have their own unique melody. The English single emphasizes the fashionable pop vocals of girls and focuses on various classics. We named 10 awesome songs, let's start our game! Every song is a perfect loop that many people like! Play this classic music!

Have you used this loop as a player? Please leave some feedback and say thank you!


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