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Can You Name These Bach Classical Music For Running ?

As a German composer from the Baroque era in the 17th century, Bach (1685-1750) was the most important founder in music history. He laid the foundation of Western music and is recognized as the "father of classical music." Why does Bach have such a lofty position?

Of course, composers speak with their works. Bach's music works are so numerous and high-level that most musicians cannot match. Unlike other composers who use Op numbers, Op is English Opus, meaning "work". Bach works use the "BWV" number, which is the abbreviation of the German "Bach Werke Verzeichnis" (Bach Werke Verzeichnis). There are more than 1,100 pieces in total. And each work is of extremely high quality, long time, comprehensive and diverse, complex structure, and difficult to perform. Let's take a look at one of Bach's most influential works.

If you want to name a few of the most important and famous works among the many Bach works, the first thing you have to know is his well-known "Twelve Equal Tempered Piano Collection", which is known as the old Western classical music. About the Bible.

The English name of the work translated from German is The Well-Tempered Clavier, which literally means "good-tempered piano", but actually refers to a piano that has been tuned in twelve equal temperaments.

Many of Bach's classic works may have been heard by many people, but they cannot be named. For example, the a cappella "Suite for Cello" is also known as the Bible in the cello field. Let's listen to it. The first song has been used countless times as background music in various advertisements: (Bach: Cello Suite #1: In G, BWV 1007) and "Gothenburg Variations," let's listen to its famous first variation: (Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988-Var. 1), Bach's other well-known works, such as "Orchestral Suite" (Bach: Orchestral Suites BWV 1066-1071), "Bach: English Suites, BWV 806–811", "French Suite" (Bach: French Suites, BWV 812–817), "Brandenburg Concerto" (Bach: Brandenburg Concertos, BWV 1046–1051), there are many vocal and religious works, such as "Matthew Passion" (Bach: St. Matthew Passion, BWV 244), "Bach: Mass in B minor, BWV 232), countless.

Bach's current status in music history was given to him by later generations. Most of his compositions were used for court or religious purposes, not for publication. Unlike the era after Mozart and Beethoven, music was generally appreciated by the public. At that time, except for the court nobles, Bach was not very well-known to ordinary people. The Handel of the same era was the music that was popular in Europe at that time. Composer.

Bach was quickly forgotten after his death, and many manuscripts of his works were also lost. It was not until nearly 80 years after his death that his work was excavated by another famous German composer, Mendelssohn, for systematic sorting and research. Hence, his work number was extraordinary. After that, his colleagues in the music industry Confirmed the historical status of Bach unmatched. Thanks to Mendelssohn for keeping Johann Sebastian Bach (Johann Sebastian Bach) for future generations.


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