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Can You Name These Greatest Songs Of The 2000s By Female Singers?

The game is dedicated to replaying popular music classics more inclusively and accurately. Celebrate the artists who are changing people’s understanding of popular music in this century. These songs are created by artists who have made major musical contributions, and since then, their attitudes have changed, violating the category and pushing the sound in new directions.

The turning point of the 21st century has brought about an incredible decade, full of music crazes of various genres and many stars, providing us with endless entertainment. But perhaps the most influential and wide-ranging artists are from the popular music genre, which gives us popular songs, all kinds of exciting rhythms, music videos worth enjoying, and we can’t wait to talk with friends!

Some of these artists successfully transitioned from the 90s and continue to enjoy a reputation in the new decade, while others are brand-new faces in the music industry and successfully made a name for themselves in the coming decade!

Popular music is spread throughout the map in the best way, encouraging eclecticism and experimentation by artists and listeners, independent singers who love dancing, fashionable stars, breaking the convention of popular mixed music, and idols of some eras. Regarding this music choice, The most exciting thing is that although all the different styles and sounds are mixed, they sound completely natural and make people feel so much!

The pop stars of the 2000s brought us iconic success. Having withstood the test of time, we are full of nostalgic excitement. Anyone who considers himself an expert in pop singers for the past ten years may still find it difficult to be here. Get perfect results in the quiz, but we still encourage everyone to try it!


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