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5 Beginner Tips For Townscaper

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5 Beginner Tips For Townscaper

Townscape allows players to create beautiful whimsical cities. 

Here are some tips for players who are just starting to dive. 

Townscape is probably the most addictive Sandboxie game that most people have never heard of. 

The town-building game was released in mid-2020, allowing players to create as much as they want. 

Inventor Oscar Stalberg gets a lot of inspiration from Swedish architecture and cities, and this influence shines in the pleasant appearance of the game. 

Townscape is almost more of a tool than a game. 

It does not have such "gameplay"; instead, players must pay attention to their palettes and other architectural settings. 

Although the appearance is too simplistic, Townscape can be daunting because there are so many creative possibilities. 

With this in mind, players should consider these useful tips before starting to build.


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