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5 Games To Play If You Liked Far Cry

Far Cry was the first open-world first-person shooter and gained a huge following. If you like Far Cry, here are some games to play.

Prior to the return of Far Cry in 2004, current first-person shooter (FPS) video games used direct shadows and flashes to mask the linearity. Even the legendary Half-Life 2 uses this layout. Then, Ubisoft and Crytek gave players a dizzying amount of openness and freedom.

Far Cry arguably inspired a lot of open shooters and proved that freedom is more fun than scripted FPS sequences. The sequel to Far Cry takes advantage of this, and other games use it smartly. So while you're looking forward to Far Cry 6, if you think international gun-toting is your fun, you might want to give these video games a try.

Update, December 13, 2020, by Thomas Bowen: The more we learn about Far Cry 6, the more tantalizing its prospects become. The latest trailer looks great, and Giancarlo Esposito's evil dictator looks like one of the most compelling villains to date. Sadly, the release of the game is still months away, making life difficult for many fans of the Far Cry series. Sure, we could fill that void by replaying Far Cry 3 for the sixth time, but why do that when there are so many other great open-world FPS games out there to enjoy?


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