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GTA Online: 5 Custom Games That Players Need To Try

GTA Online offers players tons of amazing custom games to try out. These are among the best of the bunch.

GTA Online is a great game. A big part of what makes this game great is the countless game modes that players have come up with. Like Halo, GTA Online has a custom game creator that allows players to make special maps that intertwine with Los Santos.

Some of these games take players high above the city in cars flying at amazing speeds while some take players to massive hills where countless falling items challenge their dexterity. Whatever type of game players choose to take on, they can bet that they will have a blast doing it.

GTA Online has more game modes to discover than ever before. Players are constantly creating new game modes and maps for others to enjoy. Certain game modes have people take on different roles that protect and harm important players. Other game modes have players take to new heights and ram each other off a platform in vehicles. Users simply need to head on over to the Rockstar App and browse the various jobs to get a taste of what it has to offer. From there, people can scroll through countless games and maps that are all user-created and a ton of fun. They can even filter out the game modes they don't like.


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