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Do You Have The Guts To Complete These Top Japanese Horror Movies Quizzes?

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Do You Have The Guts To Complete These Top Japanese Horror Movies Quizzes?

Japanese horror films began to develop after World War II. After experiencing the labor pains of the first few years of defeat, Japan's economy, culture, and other aspects have developed rapidly. For example, the horror film director Kiyoshi Kurosawa was born in that period. The film, as an essential medium of cultural communication, has also achieved unprecedented development. 

And horror film is an important one of many types of films. In Japanese films, the production of horror films has a too high level, in which "Ghost Film" is an essential branch of horror films. Looking at the whole world, Japan's "Ghost Film" is still at its peak. 

From the 1950s to the 1970s, Japanese horror films were mainly based on "strange talk films," representing the work "the Tale of the Rain Moon." 

Strange talk film is mainly based on traditional Japanese stories for the creation, there are many elements of demons and ghosts, but it is not very scary. 

From the 1970s to the 1990s, Japanese horror films began to imitate Anglo-American horror films, with violent and bloody scenes as the main load-bearing point, highlighting the result of "death." The audience will be shocked by these scenes' real blood feeling when watching, but they are not afraid after watching it. 

For example, the Mermaid in the sewers was filmed in 1988. I remember watching it with my classmate's MP4 in a big class when I was in college. After watching it, we went to the school cafeteria to eat fish at noon. I wouldn't say I liked the smell. 

After the 1990s, resentful Japanese movies began to rise, commonly known as "ghost movies." Japanese horror films finally got rid of the mode of merely imitating western films but profoundly integrated Japan's cultural values. The most representative is the "Midnight Bell" series and the "curse" series. 

Japanese horror movies' unique feature is bloody; most of the films are disgusting and heavy mouth. People can not swallow, often have memorable segments and brains; when it comes to perverts, Japanese movies call it the second one dares to call it the first. 

Japanese horror movies are loved and hated. 

Love is because of the uncontrollable curiosity about psychic events, and horror movies are inspiring. They can give people pleasure, especially some excellent horror movies, music alone can scare people half to death. 

Hate because, for very timid people, often be frightened by some horror movies insomnia, but hear other people's recommended movies, can not help but click in. 

Of course, the result is a moment of pleasure in watching them play, insomnia until dawn.


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