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Afi Best Horror Movies Can You Name?

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Afi Best Horror Movies Can You Name?

AFI's 100 Years of Thriller Movies is a collection of the 100 greatest thrillers in a century selected by the American Film Institute in 2001 from 400 nominated films. It is an important part of the American Film Institute's 100 Years Series.

"Master of Tension" Alfred Hitchcock has dominated 9 movies in the top 100 thrillers ("The Horror", "Northwestern Northwest", "Bird", "Rear Window", ", "The Train Strangers", "Beauty", "Telephone Love Murders", "Butterfly Dreams"), including 3 works in the top 7, including the first film, Stephen Spiel with 6 The film is in second place, with 2 works in the top 10, and Stanley Kubrick again with 5 works.

Non-horror film master Stephen Spielberg once said: "I think human beings survive in all kinds of fears." This may explain why horror films can last for more than a hundred years.

The thriving of horror films is, of course, inseparable from Todd Browning, John Carpenter, and Wen Ziren, who are capable horror film masters, but those who are not horror such as Spielberg and Kubrick The occasional involvement of professional film directors have also expanded the influence of horror films to a certain extent, including classics.

Debut with horror in the gloomy and dark enclosed scenes, mysterious and abominable ghosts, arrogant and crazy soundtracks, reversing storylines at any time, or panic scenes of "stumps and internal organs flying together, plasma and flesh"-These are the essence of horror films that can win people's hearts, from the original vampire pioneer [Nosferatu], or the very formalistic style [Dr. Caligari's cabin], to the [chainsaw horror] who tore the human body to pieces, and the forced evil From the silent black-and-white on the big screen to CGI production, horror films are all filmmakers who can immediately seize the soul and have become the most cost-effective and eye-catching work.

Horror movies are forbidden areas that many people dare not touch. A good horror movie is really scared to sleep. There is no good heart, no big nerves, few people are courageous together, and I really can't appreciate it alone. Come and see if you are bold enough, don't come back to me if you are scared, let alone come back if you are not scared! ! some so many people like to watch horror movies, so let's take a look.


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