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The 5 Worst 90s Lego Sets
John P

I fondly recall many different Lego pieces from the 1990s. I think it can be my specialty in many ways. I loved Lego as a kid, and the late '80s and' 90s were my lego heyday. Many Christmases are spent eagerly waiting for the latest Space or Pirate kit. I'll rip open the box, take the instructions, and start building right away. Then, before Boxing Day comes, something happens and something vital is lost.

Back then, Lego was basically a much simpler thing. Many of the episodes were smaller and simpler than what we see today. However, that doesn't mean more boring, it just means the bigger scenes are more impressive, especially for me as a kid. It also means we have to use our imagination more. Often, a set of blocks needs a little stimulation, and putting them together can make Lego more fun.

Searching through lego listings from the '90s is definitely a nostalgia trip. I found some scenes that stuck with me, and many that weren't. When I was a kid, I never thought about how much some of my favorite pieces of furniture would end up being worth, and I never realized how awful some of them were.

Lego is a beautiful creation, but sometimes it can go wrong. This list reminds me of five sets of Lego bricks from the '90s that are now worth a fortune.


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