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The 5 Weirdest Lego Sets Ever Made

If there's one gift I still miss seeing under the Tree, it's Legos. Where to start with these addictive little bricks that bring me joy that no other toy can? Ok, a good place to highlight just how unique Lego is.

Unlike any toy, Lego closes the gender gap and provides kids (as well as adults) with something that not only expands your creativity but also allows you to have a crazy good time. I can't tell you the number of long nights I spent dumping all the blocks in a group, and the determination to discover a new discovery didn't let me go to bed until every brick was right to put these wonderful times, you know, before ipads and smartphones took over our minds.

I won't stay long at my podium, because today is not a time to trumpet our demise at the hands of technology, but rather a time to celebrate one of the greatest and sometimes strangest toys of all time. Because Lego, like most toys that have been around for decades, has had some strange moments in its history.

That includes weird partnerships with companies you'd never expect to have Lego sets, and some sets that actually embrace weird cakes. Beyond that, we'll be praising ten sets of bricks that embrace this weirdness in a good way, and offering some of the most creative, but also the best bricks from Lego. All right, no more goodbye. let's get started.


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