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5 Hilarious Lego Sets

As most lovers of small brick architecture will no doubt know, Lego is a Danish toy company that traces its roots back to 1932. Manufacturers of world-renowned toy construction products, consumers young and old, spend countless hours piecing together small plastic bricks to form a prefabricated structure, or some fantastic design of their own. In Modern times, it is hard to meet anyone who is not familiar with this innovative brand.

While lego's line of products is successful enough on its own, over the years it has licensed dozens of pop-culture properties and created hundreds of toy sets for well-known media brands such as Harry Potter, Marvel Comics and Star Wars. Dedicated Lego enthusiasts may prefer to sculpt their creations without instruction, but many junior construction workers enjoy building blocks with the help of an instruction manual.

That said, the company has released several sets of mind-boggling products in the past that would have required a certified engineer to put them together. Everyone is well aware of the infamous giant scenes, like the iconic Death Star from Star Wars or the elaborate Lego tower Bridge in London.

There are, of course, stranger things: From a roadster that needs to be fully assembled, to on-site reenactments of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Lego has come up with some very strange things in its 86-year history.


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