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The 5 Best Mario Games On The Nintendo Game Boy And GBA, Ranked

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The 5 Best Mario Games On The Nintendo Game Boy And GBA, Ranked

While Mario's home console games have garnered the most attention, there have been a number of great Mario console games over the years.

The Super Mario Series is one of the longest-running games and appears in some capacity on every Nintendo home console. The success of the Mario series is not limited to the home console market, as the Japanese giant Game Boy and its successors have also released numerous Mario games.

While the system is nowhere near as powerful as home consoles, many console Mario games find a way to impress; Both in terms of critical reception and the amount of equipment they can ship over their lifetime. These are the best Mario games for the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance, at least according to and Metacritic ratings.


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