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Complete These Quizzes To Learn More About Healthy Breakfasts

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Complete These Quizzes To Learn More About Healthy Breakfasts

Let's enjoy the breakfast amorous feelings of various countries and start a vibrant day with breakfast. 

The British eat breakfast like a king, eggs, sausage, bacon, black Buren with some shiitake mushrooms fried on a full pot, and a cup of strong English tea to fill your stomach. 

Spanish breakfast I like bright chocolate fruit, shaped like Chinese Youtiao, with sandwiches can also be dipped in chocolate sauce, fast and convenient; you can eat while walking. 

Brazil is most famous for barbecue, so will you have a barbecue for breakfast? 

Or is it just coffee, cocoa milk, bread with butter, and big papaya? 

Indian breakfast, in addition to potato pie, the other does not know what to make, and a lot of hands to eat, really do not dare to try. 

The Japanese pursue delicacy and delicacy, and the light breakfast also has a soul. 

Grilled fish, green tea, kimchi, and egg rolls are all exquisite. Japanese food gives people a wonderful imagination visually. I don't want to eat it. 

There are many kinds of breakfast in China, and the dominant "four King Kong" cakes, Youtiao, soybean milk, and porridge, are the first choices for breakfast for Chinese people. Of course, as China is so big, breakfast choices and preferences vary from place to place. 

Ultra-high calorie American breakfast, every day muffins, sausage, waffles, bacon. 

Finnish oatmeal and coffee; Australian divine sauce "Weijimai" for breakfast; authentic French breakfast coffee, baguette, and croissant; Korean soup with rice and kimchi warms the stomach. 

Different races, regions, and even different occupations directly impact people's choice of breakfast, creamy, simple, nutritious, fast. 

Through these quizzes, let's see how much you know about what people worldwide eat for breakfast.


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