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Madness Stickman Addicting Games

Are you ready? That never-ending, action-packed Guts & Gore game! If you think you can handle the original, unrestricted, best collection of Stickman games on the Web, then you've come to the right place. Whether you want to use bloody violence in our action and defense games, or plan your savage Stick Man war party in our strategy games, we can let you kill some stickmen quickly and easily! We can provide the tough adhesive you want to play with!

If you don't get caught up in the club-killing craze, come back next week for some new games!

Love stick figures but don't know why? We have a lot of great Miscellaneous Stick Games, from snipers to adventures to puzzle platformers to fighting Games, because sometimes you feel bad for the family of the Stick Man who died and you just want to treat him like a Rag Doll. Check out our shooting game, let you enjoy the jaw-dropping sniper fun. When you see the smoking crater, your jaw will be shocked with awe. Your stick will make enemies drop their chins to the ground because they won't be tied to their heads!


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