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Stickman Games: Wars, Fighting and Shooting with Stick Figures

Not all games feature realistic graphics and carefully drawn characters. The most important thing is an interesting storyline and exciting activities that can captivate any gamer for a long time.

The main characters in the game are black stick figures. They look like pictures of children, but that doesn't diminish their popularity. Instead, one of the game's main characters is well known to many game players. His name is Henry Stickman.

Henry Stickman is the main character in many different kinds of games. The player can ride a bike or motorcycle, or even take part in an engrossing race, where he should try to beat his opponent and cross the finish line in the first place, leaving all other racers behind. In addition, there are some games in which the matchstick people try to escape from prison or rob a bank. Interestingly, such games allow the player to influence the outcome of the mission. The player must remember that his actions must lead to the achievement of the goal, or the Matchstick man will have to try again.

There are some games that people who like shooting games will enjoy when the Matchstick man travels with weapons. The main goal is to accurately shoot and destroy multiple enemies, such as the dreaded zombies. With shooters like this, when the player has to play the role of a sniper, the mission is to kill someone. Any mistake could mean the end of the sniper carrier.


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