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Imposter Among Us Online

Want to try some new changes? 

A game that combines many types of elements and provides a unique and gripping experience that you can't get rid of? 

Then you should definitely play among us! 

This is a fascinating story of flying home from a strange planet in the dangerous company of a murderer. 

Several players played the role of crew, and one of them was randomly selected as the killer. 

To work together, they need to figure out who it is and make sure this person doesn't bother them again! 

As you can see, you can enjoy this wonderful game with your friends, but it's also fun to play with random people. 

Let's start? 

Find the killer! 

Your adventure will begin with a spaceship that doesn't want to take off. 

Apparently, something was broken and the crew scattered around the ship to check all the systems. 

But when they were alone and there was no one nearby, the killer caught one of the members off guard, and their friends soon found their bodies. 

After such an event, an emergency committee will be convened for players to discuss what happened. 

They told each other what they saw, including data from security cameras. 

But since not all crew members have access to this information, it is often impossible to determine whether the person is telling the truth or lying. 

In fact, the killer may pretend to be your vigilant comrade-in-arms! 

So you shouldn't really trust anyone except your own observation and intuition among us. 

Once the discussion is over, everyone has their own opinion on who might be the killer, and the vote begins. 

Each player voted for the person they thought was the most suspicious, and the person with most voices was driven out of the ship. 

Of course, it was probably an innocent astronaut, but it was too late to regret his mistake. 

You must constantly make decisions and implement the people around you, or your chances of survival will continue to decline with each corpse! 

Of course, you must continue to do your work and repair the ship, otherwise it will not be able to take off and you will not see your home planet for a long time! 


Or kill everyone!


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