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Among Us: 5 Impostor Tips To Win Any Game

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Among Us: 5 Impostor Tips To Win Any Game

The most difficult character to play in Among Us is the impostor, but a few simple tricks can help any player complete the game successfully.

Among Us has taken the world by storm with its social deductible mechanics and simple but cute art style. The most important thing is to kick the impostor off the boat. The chances of a player playing as an impostor rather than a teammate are much smaller, but once they finally get to play that role, it's all a bit overwhelming.

First, the impostor should know the rules of the game. Another is that an impostor should know the basic rules of an impostor -- pretend to be on a mission, sabotage the ship, use air vents, etc. In the end, a good impostor benefits both parties. The impostor is the most important character to deal with, but with these tips, everything goes much smoother. That being said, here are five imposter tips for winning any game.

Among Us quickly became everyone's favorite in 2020. The story is simple: it's a strategic multiplayer game where players must find impostors on the team. Some players take on the role of ordinary crew members, doing ordinary missions, while others take on the role of impostors. The latter must destroy the work of these players and kill them one by one. While the game is fun and fun to play, especially with close friends, there are plenty of winning strategies on both sides. This list can help impostors ensure that their team wins quickly and easily.


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