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How Many Best Action Movies from 80s and 90s Can You Name?

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How Many Best Action Movies from 80s and 90s Can You Name?

Dating back to the 1980s, the 80s were the era of indulgence, mulling, slow motion! Although Steven Spielberg is creating eternal art, it will bear future generations, just like John McTiernan and Paul Van Hoeven who have soaked in the pungent sap for ten years, bringing the materials to life like this The way it was a while ago.

Action movies in the 1980s were one of the many gifts given to Western civilization in the 1980s. With the development of the film landscape, the decline and aging, the nihilistic stories of filmmakers in the 1970s, and the influence of Vietnamese charges, the 1980s brought hope, prosperity and countless explosions. We got a single line, total points, heroes who must perform well on unfit denim, and the prospect of dystopia is often full of suspicious robotics.

"Action", in some cases, it only means "violence", but the essence of action movies provides us with more things, turning shooting, punching and explosions into spectacular art forms. From the taciturn classics in the 70s to the solo combat in the 80s, the unmatched partners in the 90s, to the superheroes of today!

We will show you familiar scenes in the movie, and you will guess what action it is! Go!


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