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How Many 70s Fashion Men Can You Name?

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How Many 70s Fashion Men Can You Name?

In the 1970s, fashion was all about personality and expression. As a result, many traditional fashion rules were broken, and the unique and androgynous appearance prevailed. The main styles of the decade include hippie, peacock revolution, gorgeous rock and disco. Due to the influx of cheap clothing, gentlemen can easily show off their groups or switch between them.

Color played a vital role in the fashion of the 70s. Even the simple styles of the past ten years have adopted bold colors. These eye-catching shades, including yellow, orange, blue, pink, red, purple and green, are used in almost all fashion groups. By incorporating bright colors into their clothing, gentlemen can stand out and blend in at the same time.

In the mid-1970s, the rock style became popular. Of course, this is different from what we know today. The rock style of the 70s is more attractive than today, incorporating many traditional feminine elements and striking designs.

The punk style seems to have become popular in the late 1970s, but in the middle of this century, gentlemen adopted a charming rock style. This androgynous trend is particularly popular in the UK, where young people regard dazzling musicians such as David Bowie and Freddie Mercury as idols.

In the late 70s, the hippie style gradually faded and the disco was surging. Driven by the new wave of music, inspired by fashion celebrities, they spent the night in Studio 54. The 70s disco was full of charm and excitement.

The male hairstyles of the early seventies continued the most popular looks of the sixties, such as Pompadour. It also saw a lot of long hairstyles, especially those who belong to the hippie subculture.

From the beginning, every decade has some characteristics. This led to the creation of words; fashion. Fashion is a trend developed between a generation or a group of people. People participate in it impulsively and enthusiastically in a short time.

Whether you are nearby or not, you should know at least some of these fashionable men, because some of them have made a comeback since that decade. How many of these fashionable men in the 1970s can you correctly identify? How about these men who are at the forefront of fashion? The only way to know how well you know them is to take this quiz!


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