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GTA Online: The 5 Most Expensive Properties In The Game

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GTA Online: The 5 Most Expensive Properties In The Game

There are many different attributes in GTA Online, many of which cost the player a lot...

It's been more than seven years since Grand Theft Auto v was released, but the game is still going strong. It's the best-selling video game of all time, and thanks to a steady stream of updates, it still has a relatively large player base. While most people are done playing single player, GTA Online is still alive and kicking.

Because the initial implementation of GTA Online left a lot to be desired, it took us a long time to really get going. Over time, it has evolved into something completely different, with more features and purchasable items than anyone expected.

Where once there were only a handful of apartments on the map, now the world of GTA Online is filled with different types of properties; Most of them cost the player a fortune. Fortunately, however, there are almost always cheaper options, which means players don't have to break the bank unless they really want to.


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