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GTA Online: Arena War Vehicle, Ranked

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GTA Online: Arena War Vehicle, Ranked

The Arena War workshop introduced some incredibly unique vehicles to the game. Here's how they all rank.

One of the most underused features in GTA Online is the Arena War workshop. The Arena War update brought a bunch of new vehicles for players to mess around with and a workshop to customize them in. Players can then use the cars that they tricked out to battle each other in intense game modes.

These game modes can get pretty hectic, but so can the streets of Los Santos when these cars break free from the arena and go on a rampage. Whether a player likes the Arena War game mode or not, they have to admit there is something magical about rocket-powered death machines.

Updated June 30th, 2021, By Aden Carter: Rockstar has been hesitant to add any new Arena War vehicles to GTA Online, but the vehicles that exist are more than powerful enough to satisfy the masses. Rockstar has been busy creating future DLC for the game for the upcoming extended and enhanced edition. Hopefully, this comes with more Arena War vehicles for players to customize and take to the streets. This new content could also lead to new Arena War game modes. Unfortunately, Rockstar has kept quiet about what this new content will end up being. Hopefully, we can all see a ton of new content.


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