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Can You Match The Largest Internet Company Logo ?

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Can You Match The Largest Internet Company Logo ?

A logo is like the front door of a business. It’s a first impression. It’s a greeting. It’s got an energy. The world’s most iconic and famous logos have this down.

Successful logos are immediately recognizable, reflect a brand’s message and stand out from the crowd. They build trust and look timeless and professional. Effective logos also work at any size and anywhere. 

Markets and trends are always evolving, but certain characteristics like typography, layout, patterns and color have a huge impact on how people perceive a logo. Knowing how the big brands do it right will help you refine your own brand and connect with your audience.

Let’s dive in and take a look at a few companies who have really raised the bar with their logo design, why they have been so successful, and what we can learn from their iconic logo designs.


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