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Best Minecraft Worlds

These cool Minecraft worlds are some of the best we've ever seen. Some even recreate famous and fictional landmarks.

Minecraft is an addictive open-world game that lets you play the way you want, offering a true virtual sandbox to customize and manipulate. It encourages connectivity and rarely disappoints when it reveals its potential. This social nature and depth of customization has naturally led to the creation of some interesting, clever and very cool custom buildings and biomes.

Not only are these worlds outside of this world, but they can also be downloaded. By downloading their map files, you will be able to delve into these fascinating maps listed below.

We'll soon learn that after gazing at these awe-inspiring and unique pieces built in survival and creative mode, the sky -- and sometimes beyond the sky -- is truly the limit. These Minecraft worlds might inspire you to create some unique, abstract builds and places of your own.


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