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Minecraft : All You Need to Know

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Minecraft : All You Need to Know

If you've been swept up in Minecraft mania, you've probably realized that resistance is futile. We're obsessed with more than just the game itself, getting the know-how you need to get involved in one of the coolest games around.

One of the best-selling independently developed and published video games, Minecraft immerses kids in creative thinking, geometry, and even a little geology as they build imaginative block structures.

Minecraft is an open environment focused on exploration and creation. Players can create items and buildings from scratch using materials obtained from the world around them. In this three-dimensional space, free to sculpt whatever they choose, they can experiment with a wide range of possibilities while achieving simple goals. The choice to work with others on large construction projects can help children develop collaborative skills.

While part of the fun of Minecraft is creating stories as you go along, story mode offers storylines, characters, and plots for kids who love stories.

Minecraft presents players with a range of challenges and opportunities.


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