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5 Rare 90s Lego Sets

There are many lego blocks from the '90s that are so exquisite and impressive that we're not sure Lego will ever make them again.

The 1990s were a different time, especially in the growing toy market. Lego is one such toy, whose popularity has exploded like never before, so much so that the brand has built an entire theme park dedicated to life-size stackable toys. The Lego sets sold in the 90s took the brand in a new and bold direction, and this came from the new sets, which were a far cry from the original Lego basic boxes. Despite the success of several lego movies and TV shows, many of the lego toys sold in the 1990s have been discontinued and have become quite rare.

It's a pretty cool experience to look back on the lego collections of the '90s because they were pretty groundbreaking when the Lego brand was just getting its feet on the ground. There were other competing toys in the '90s like Kenneth and the ever-popular Lincoln Log, both of which were fun. But the Lego brand has come a long way in staying relevant, even during the technological revolution that includes smartphones and the Internet. Many lego pieces designed in the '90s will never be produced again, which means finding those pieces will take a bit of research, and it will be worth it to find iconic' 90s nostalgia.


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