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5 Movies Reimagined As Lego

Over the years, Lego has become a favorite in many families around the world. It's durable, seems to last forever, and gives you a way to be really creative. Although lego can serve as a form of punishment when you step on it barefoot, it has a place in many homes. From toddlers to teenagers to adults, these little blocks have fans of all ages.

While many Lego enthusiasts may build blocks, collect themed Legos or just play with their kids, others go further. As they say in The Lego Movie, these guys are master builders.

Now there are many different Lego bricks, which means there are more and more different types of bricks. Lego is no longer limited to square houses with square doors and triangular roofs. It goes much further than that, with themed sets often offering unique components. This extension really helps increase the number of amazing creations you can build with it.

Lego has always inspired creativity, and some lego enthusiasts think big. From life-size giant statues to tiny dioramas, Lego can be used to create just about anything you can imagine. It's an art form to look at the bricks available and see what can be created without the help of instructions.

In these 5 images, Lego fans have created some iconic movie characters and scenes with these little blocks.


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