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5 Cool Lego Virtual backgrounds for Zoom

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5 Cool Lego Virtual backgrounds for Zoom

As more and more people start working from home, virtual backgrounds have become a new craze among professionals. These backgrounds can help hide your surroundings and reduce distractions during online conversations and meetings. They also become a way to express yourself and support your favorite teams, characters, movies, etc. If you're a Lego fan, then we have some official Lego virtual backgrounds for you. Let's take a look.

It is not surprising that the year 2020 has seen unprecedented progress. All corporate meetings are conducted through Zoom, doctors and therapists meet with patients and clients through Zoom, and even much of the work of the court and congressional hearings are done through Zoom.

For mediators and lawyers, the shift to Zoom is common. In the competition for video conferencing software, Zoom's conference rooms, host selection, and reliability put it ahead. In addition, you can add a Zoom virtual background in the style of a personal green screen to a meeting so that any meeting feels more like the real thing. Here are five free virtual backgrounds for you to download, customize, and add to your Zoom session.


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