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5 Addicting City Building Games

Today's city-building games are of all kinds, large and small. 

Here are some interesting examples similar to SimCity. 

Simulated city building Mini-Game. 

Simulation games have been one of the leaders in the industry since the early days of the game. 

As the Sims popularize this type and make it mainstream, the TV series has left a considerable legacy. 

Had it not been for the success of the mock city in 1989, the franchise of the film would not have existed. 

"simulated City" not only spawned more than one successful derivative drama but also inspired a whole new type. 

Today's city-building games are of all kinds, large and small. 

For each pallet player, there are so many unique sub-genres and tastes that it is never easy to find a suitable city builder. 

The type of urban builder has been at the heart of the game for decades, especially since the first simulated city (SimCity) was released more than 30 years ago. 

Over time, classic types, such as urban simulators, are processed in new ways and mixed with other types, which usually do not work well. 

For example, Northgard is a perfect blend of urban builders and RPG types, while games like Frostponk add survival to core games. 

Although the city builder's game has been done, again and again, this type is not yet perfect, and a completely unique shot can be seen in the surprisingly complex Rimworld or post-main story world Littlewood game.


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