Balmy Dunes
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Ridgerock Lake
Ridgerock Lake

The heat of the temperate Dune course makes it the perfect setting for extreme golf. Its arid plains have little wind or rain, but the amount of sand sometimes makes it more like a bunker than a golf course. Many holes also have Pokeys(cactus-like creatures from Super Mario Bros. 2), which provide more vertical obstacles than borders in Ridgerock Lake.

Balmy Dunes will become available for regular play after players complete 18 holes on the Ridgerock Lake course. This can be done in regular play or while playing golden Adventure mode.

After completing the last nine rounds (40 strokes or less) at Ridgerock Lake and unlocking the Bronze badges, players will gain access to Balmy Dunes. However, before they can visit, they first need to stop and look at Master Stinger and learn about some special shots.

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