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What Are The Most Popular Mario Games?

The original story of Italian plumber Mario is based on the story of platform games. Mario is an ordinary plumber, wearing overalls. He always wears red overalls, a hat, and even a mustache under his big nose. Mario fell in love with a princess in a pink dress, and since 1990, when the first Mario game can also be played on Nintendo consoles in 2020, Mario is still trying to save the princess against dinosaurs, evil weeds, or dragons, and you will be part of the story through all the Mario adventures we are about to release, just like the boy adventure games we have released for you to play for free online.

In Mario's classic games, textures and graphics may not be as good as they were in 2020, but we believe you will have a good time, because dear children, it will be a great experience to start helping Mario complete his adventure and save his lovely princess!

Regardless of which Mario game is the most popular, Mario remains one of the most iconic video game characters on any platform in general. So much so that he has transcended video games.

If the state-by-state visuals are less appealing, you can more easily use this chart to break down the most searched games.

Three games in the series are tied for the top spot. These include Super Mario Party, Super Mario Maker, and Super Mario Bros., which were most searched in seven different states.

Mario Kart is the most searched game in six different states. But there are many different games in the Mario series that are not frequently searched for. Because most of them were only searched in one state.

The Super Mario series is the best-selling video game series. More than 85 games in the series have sold more than a million copies, and that's not counting games set in the Mario world like Yoshi, Wario, or Donkey Kong.

Is there anything Mario can't do? This OG Nintendo character is fun no matter where he is; Check out his top 10 best Mario games here!

There's probably no way to write such a list without being controversial because we're all creatures of experience; We are all different ages and backgrounds and we like things for different reasons. So, no doubt, this is a list of gamer/writer likes, but it's based on love and admiration for a character that has had the biggest impact on the gaming industry.

To qualify for this list, games must include Mario in the title. That's all. So, Mario Kart games and Mario Party games, this list reflects the variety and innovation of the series, as well as beloved classics/staples. Enjoy!


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