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Vegetable world

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Vegetable world

As early as in the era of hunting and gathering, humans would gather wild vegetables for consumption. Later, about 10,000 to 7,000 BC, agricultural cultivation began, and vegetables began to be grown in many areas of the world. At the beginning, vegetables were grown in various places for local people to eat. Later, when the trade began, vegetables grown in other regions were also brought.

As long as the climate permits, most of the vegetables will be grown all over the world. If the climate is not suitable, they will be grown in some protected environment. The global trade of agricultural products also allows consumers to buy vegetables from all over the world.

The scale of vegetable production varies from large to small. It can be as small as self-sufficient agriculture, which is only grown for family food needs, or as large as an agribusiness, which grows a large number of single crops. Vegetables are generally classified, stored, processed and sold in order after harvest.

Vegetables can be eaten in many ways, either as a meal or as a snack. Different vegetables have different nutritional values, but they generally contain less protein or fat and different proportions of vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin K and vitamin B6, provitamins, dietary minerals and carbohydrates.

Vegetables also contain a wide variety of phytochemicals, some of which claim to have antioxidants, antibacterial agents, antifungal drugs, antiviral drugs, and anticancer properties. Many vegetables also contain dietary fiber, which protects intestinal health and stimulates intestinal peristalsis. Vegetables also contain essential nutrients to protect healthy hair and skin.

What kind of vegetables do you like? As a person who can't cook, I can only make beautiful pictures of various vegetables. Can you make delicious food with vegetables? They can make all kinds of delicious food, but before that, we need to help them find the right nest!


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