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The top Sega Genesis Games of All Time

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The top Sega Genesis Games of All Time

Sega Games (SEGA) is a well-known electronic game company in Japan. The company was the first company to produce home game console hardware and corresponding game software as its company's business. The company has various business scopes such as game development, game first edition, and hardware development. As time progresses, although Sega has ended its game console hardware production business, its development of game software is steadily improving. So far, Sega Games has withdrawn from many popular mobile games, such as RPG mobile games "Chain of the Chain 3", "Soul Reincarnation", mobile music game "Pop in Q", parkour mobile game "Sonic" Series etc.

In the early years, most players were familiar with only arcade games and FC games. Of course, many RMB players have been exposed to sega, SFC, and GBA platform games in those years. In the later period, many players came into contact with these game platforms on the computer simulator. Only then did they discover that they had missed too many classics that year.

I don't know if the players have a feeling; the early game is particularly affinity, the sense of substitution is powerful, so players can quickly enter the play.

Compared with the later large-scale 3D games, the early rounds are more soulful. Many popular games nowadays, even if they are trendy, such as games like chicken and pesticides, players always say that they can be put down when put down, and they will not have any feelings for such games. The players, in a flash, will gradually forget them. It is estimated that there will be no feelings in a few decades.

The console games of the early years were different, and they were full of memories and feelings. Therefore, many nostalgic players would rather play the early sega games and look for surfaces than try the latest games in recent years.

Recently, many friends have asked me which classic sega games are worthy of memory. Today, I will bring you several classic games from the MD era.

1. Fist of Anger: If you want to find a game on the sega platform that represents the pinnacle of the horizontal version of the game, it is the "Fist of Anger" series. The most classic of the series is "Fist of Fury 3", this game can be said to be the 16-bit MD performance to the extreme, players have a very high evaluation of this game. As far as the sense of operation is concerned, even many arcade games are beyond the reach. "Fist of Rage 3" not only inherits the advantages of the previous two games, but the movements are also more beautiful and smooth, the figure looks proportionately coordinated, and the power storage system is added, the number of kills is increased to three, and the unique skills are greatly enhanced. Two hidden characters have also been added. After the game is cleared, there is a plot, and the stories of each level are closely connected, which is very immersive.

2. Heirs of Light: "Heirs of Light" is the most successful ACT game on MD and the most representative of the MD series. This game is very playable and may only be attractive to players who have played it. To feel it. The battle scenes are very creative, and the methods are also colorful. You can use a lot of moves and peculiar magic, and you can also summon elves. Regrettably, the editor has not cleared the customs all the time, so I have to make up for it when I have a chance.

3. Contra Iron-Blooded Corps: Many players mistakenly thought that this game was "Contra 3", but it was not. "Contra 3" was released on SFC and later ported to GBA. It did not appear on MD. However, the classic level of this game is no less than any works like Contra. This is a game specially designed by KONAMI for the Sega Five Generations. The battle scene can only be described by the word "hot". It is shocking to face all kinds of weird BOSS in the later stage. There are many ways to fight in the game, and there is a set of plans to deal with each BOSS. The bullet system performs very well in this game. The game brings the skills of MD to the fullest and can even eliminate the ten streets of SFC. The miscellaneous soldiers in the game are relaxing for the players. And the appearance of every BOSS is a surprise and nervousness for players.

4. Musketeer Hero: Another highly creative shooting game. The bullets in the game can be matched, laser gun, flame gun, and bubble gum. The properties of shots can be tracking or strengthening. Different bullet matching effects are other. For each other BOSS, you can get twice the result with half the effort using bullets' correct combination. The degree of freedom of the game is very high. When fighting the boss, find a safe place and then use the tracking weapon to fight. This game also appeared in arcade halls, and it is estimated that many players have played it!


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