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The Most Popular Mobile Games

For gamers around the world, we rank the most popular mobile games in 2021. 

This list of most popular mobile games includes free games, including puzzle games, multiplayer PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, strategy games, tower defense games, combat games, role-playing games, and sports games. 

What are the top 5 video games in today's mobile applications? 

Candy Crush, Fortnite, Pok é mon Go, and Clash of Clans are still the best-selling games on mobile phones. 

Other excellent games on the mobile trend now include us, PUBG, Genshin Impact, and Minecraft.

We are ranking the most popular mobile games in recent years! Including both free and paid games, this list of the most popular mobile video games includes puzzle games, multiplayer battle royales, strategy games, tower defense games, fighting games, RPGS and sports games.

Video games have never been more popular. No matter where players choose to play, there is bound to be plenty of content for them to consume. While console hype is still high after the RELEASE of the PS5 and Xbox Series X a year ago, mobile gaming is a big part of why gaming has become such a big part of modern culture.

The mobile gaming market continues to boom, with new titles appearing seemingly every week. Despite the huge success of console and PC games, mobile games continue to grow in size, depending on how hard they are to try. You may find your niche in the mobile gaming space that makes it very attractive, especially since most of them are free to play. No matter your gaming preferences, there's one mobile game you should be able to find and enjoy.

So we decided to tackle the problem from a simple premise. If an alien landed tomorrow and demanded a crash course in gaming, what would you encourage him to install first? With such an unusual filter application, we're not looking for blurry gems or even the necessary escape hits here. We look at some of the most important genre defining games that represent the history of smartphone gaming.

What we have stipulated is that the sport must still be alive and well today. We also only include one game per series, so we usually choose the first one over the best one.

We'll start with a relatively tight list, but you'll find that we'll fill out our selections over the next few months and may even remove an item or two as they get replaced or lose the ongoing support of developers. But these five games are a great starting point for any mobile game collection.


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