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The Greatest Mortal Kombat Characters

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The Greatest Mortal Kombat Characters

Mortal Kombat was issued by MIDWAY to the battlefield game Mortal Kombat, which translated to a fatal fight or desperate fight; this name is due to its unique features.

Initially, the game is called Mortal Combat. The translation is "Devo Empire", but when the game launched the manufacturer's characteristics "violence and role after the victory" "violence and role can kill after the victory", this will change the English letter C in Combat to K words (K-word " It is the meaning of Kill, killing).

The name of Mortal Kombat is due to the horizontal battle of the mainland game hall, and there are many people with the wind called "fast whirlwind" in that era, so the MK series of the live scan for the selling point is naturally known as "real people." And this vulgar is called the most popular name of the MK series.

Mortal Kombat, also translated as a set of fighting games from Midway1992, first sent a hot review, the most crucial selling point of its work is its bloody effect and playing as a fighting role with real character's fighting style is also unique. In the initial period, it is not optimistic, but it will cause topics from all walks of life. Because the game had too much bloody lens, the head, the head, the legs, and other pictures were frequently appeared, and the restricted game was only used as a sales target. News and some magazines have been reported with a large number of magazines. Many people have learned about this game in the information. Midway is a well-known manufacturer.

"The real family" is mainly composed of multiple worlds:

Shaolin Wushu: A long time ago, the earth was in the dark, and the gods called human beings to build a temple. This temple was built in the Asian Mountains, four represents the wind, fire, water, and soil gods to protect the temple. After a long time, the temple and the legend have gradually been forgotten.

However, Shaolin Monks, which belongs to White Lotus Society, found a map showing the temple's path. I know that this thing is tiny, including a Shaolin Warrior called Kung Lao. This map has been found from the external world (Outworld), a wizard who has the soul's sake, called "Mortal Kombat). 400 years ago, Goro, a martial arts champion of Outworld, defeated empty. Shang Zong learned the soul of the open and learned about the mysterious map's existence and found it.

Ground wire: From all things, Netherealm is an abandoned world, and those unwanted souls will be sent here. Its alias includes hell, meditating, lying, and so on.

For thousands of years, the underground industry has changed a lot of rulers. Most leaders will be forged in the flame and then catch their owners down. One of the leaders, SHINNOK, is not from this field itself but heaven.

SHINNOK was driven into the ground on the grounds; he was attacked by the sideline of Xifu and his previous punishment. Sakino is therefore suffering, and it is helpless until Quan Chi is encountered.

Boxing is a free wizard, which means that he can wander everywhere without being perceived. After years, boxing is a lot of energy. After understanding the life of Schön, the boxing fairy found him to find him, saying that he would liberate, helping to defeat the Lucid and its claw, but after Sakorke must be assisted. They reached an agreement and launched a war for hundreds of years in the underground. Finally, the boxing of the box has won the battle and ruled the underground. According to the protocol Sakor, he cannot be a ruler, so he is determined to create a field similar to the earth and transform the underground devil.

External world: It takes a few centuries, and the box is exhausted to liberate Sakuki has not succeeded until a wizard called Shang Zong comes to him. Shang Zong's actual body is formed on the earth. He Zeng Zuo Kahn, a person who wants to make the earth according to the "Mortal Kombat" competition, and later became a free wizard. Shang Zong thought of an essential way to guarantee their success, but I needed to help.

Shao Wei Khan has defeated a field called Eden (Edenia), transforming it into an external world (Outworld) and got Queen Sindel in that field. However, for the heart of the sweaty, she made her crazy, she decided her life. After you know this, Shao Khan controls her soul. He also put her soul as yours. This symbolizes defeating King Jie Ruo (Jerrod) and his possession of Queen's Daughter Qi Tana.

These incidents have reached an agreement in Shangzong and Boxing. If Sakuki will take Xin Del's soul, pollute it with evil, and make it revived on the earth, Shao Khan can go back to his queen, not being intervened with thunder and other gods. This incident takes ten years to complete.

To return the Sakino assistance, Shang Zong told the map of the map so that Suporco can find his amulet. But Shang Zong did not say to the box that four guardians protected the charm. Their presence stopped boxing from getting a body character. However, if he can send a human being, you can defeat those guardians.


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