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The 5 Most Popular PC Games

For gamers around the world, we are ranking the most popular PC games in 2021. 

Featuring classic and new games, the most-played video games on PC so far include first-person shooters, multiplayer fighting royals, MOBA, combat games, RPG, and collectible card video games. 

What are the top 5 video games on PC today? 

Online multiplayer shooters such as Valiant, CS: Go, Fortnite and PUBG currently dominate the PC game world, thanks to professional gamers, sports championships, Twitch Streamers, and Youtube game channels. 

Some computer games released a few years ago are still very popular today, such as League of Legends, my World, World of Warcraft, and DOTA 2. 

Other good computer games that are popular now include squads, Watchmen, Rockets League, and Tom Clancy's Rainbow six siege.

There are many reasons why the best PC games become addictive to the entire gaming community. Their gameplay, world building and story, and graphics are all compelling, and they immerse the player in other things besides great visuals. Also, they remain popular long after the end credits roll.

Of course, with the plethora of new games coming out, the elite list of PC games continues to grow, making it harder to choose new ones. Especially if you don't have enough money to buy every game. So we're here to narrow it down even further for you.

Learn more about these games. Our choices should be immersive, even if you have to adjust some Settings to play the game.

Here's our pick of the best PC games, from the best Mmos and co-op PC games to the best open world games. Whether you want a modern classic or are ready for a surprising new game, you'll find this game to excite and enthrall you.

2021 is a pretty unusual year for PC games. A lot of big games came out, so PC gamers were hooked most of the time. Being a computer gamer can be quite advantageous. First, PCS are cheap, and you can keep upgrading to fit your budget. A lot of times, computers give you more control over graphics.

Anyway, everyone likes to play a good game on the computer once in a while. If you're looking for some great games, last year provided plenty.

From AAA titles and popular sequels to nostalgic remakes and indie games, we've listed some of the most popular PC games ever made!


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