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The 5 Disney Cartoon Characters Reimagined As Lego

These Lego builders ushered in a whole new era of Disney reinvention.

Lego has been making Disney-themed sets since 1999. While the company started with Winnie the Pooh's Dibo line, it didn't take long for more brick-and-mortar stores to emerge. Lego has released a series of films from Toy Story to Moana. It also produced a number of movie - themed figurines.

Since Disney has released 56 animated features, 20 Pixar films, and a wide variety of other animated features, it hasn't been able to create scenes for all of them. That's when lego fans decided to create their own Lego art. The bricklayers are very creative. Sometimes they make their own Disney mini-figures out of things they already own, and sometimes they design huge sets digitally. Anyway, there's a lot of talent.

Disney also created some Lego sculptures. They are displayed in Lego-owned stores, giving guests a fun way to see how big Lego creations can be. Yes, they are very complicated.

Did we mention that Disney also makes Lego animated specials for some of its most popular movies? As you can see, lego's relationship with Disney is very extensive, with both the studio and the fans contributing to it. We're here to show you some classic Disney cartoon characters reimagined in Lego form. Put on your hard hat, because it's time to put a few blocks together.


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