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The 5 Best Horror Games You Can Play On Steam For Free

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The 5 Best Horror Games You Can Play On Steam For Free

Steam is filled to the brim with a wide array of terrifying titles. Here's a look at some of the best free-to-play horror games on the platform.

Fans of horror gaming have always had a special privilege when it comes to online gaming, with many of the genre's most famous titles (Five Nights At Freddie's, Slender, etc) starting life as free-to-play indie titles. Aside from the bigger names, there's an endless stream of horrific (and not so much) content from indie creators on sites like and Gamejolt.

While Steam is a slightly more complicated platform for publishers, that doesn't stop developers from showing off their latest and greatest small-form projects, many of which are disturbing and horrific explorations in experimental media. These are just some of the many excellent horror games available on Steam under the expansive free-to-play tag.

With Flash games no longer a thing, Steam is now one of the best places for indie game developers to showcase their work. Many even make their games available for free on the platform in the hopes of attracting the attention of some of its huge install base. This obviously works out pretty well for the players too, effectively ensuring that there are always plenty of new free-to-play games just waiting to be discovered. Fans of horror games are particularly spoiled for choice in this regard, as there are hundreds of fantastic free-to-play horror games on Steam. These are some of the very best ones.


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