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Talking Tom Games Online

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Talking Tom Games Online

Everyone likes cats. 

How could we not? 

They are so cute, funny, so cute! 

If you join their fun club, you will be fascinated by playing the talking Tom Cat game, and the cat you meet here is even better than his relatives of other cats, because he can talk! 

Yes, you heard me right! 

He has lived among human beings for such a long time that he has learned our language. 

Of course, he is still learning and doesn't know a lot of human vocabulary, so he needs your help. 

Just say the right words into the microphone and Tom will repeat them in his own voice! 

But in Tom's company, you can do more than that. 

He never misses any chance to have fun and starts another exciting adventure! 

You can touch him and play with him, pour him milk and listen to his snoring, take a walk or ride a bike. 

Tom also has many friends, and he would be happy to introduce him to you. 

This is his lovely girlfriend Angela, a naughty kitten named Ginger and a grumpy dog named Ben. 

Tom can use your help to invite Angela on a date or confess his love to her! 

Who knows, maybe you can even attend their wedding or plan from scratch! 

Most of the time, life in the town is quiet, but sometimes there are special circumstances, such as robbing houses, making Tom impatient and asking him to hunt down thieves and collect gold coins on the map. 

If you help him catch the criminal, he will be very grateful! 

Explore the colorful world of talking Tom Cat online and have fun!


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