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Ranking The 5 Best Tennis Games Of All Time

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Ranking The 5 Best Tennis Games Of All Time

There aren't many tennis video games, but there are some good ones. Here are 15 of the best of all time.

Tennis is a sport that involves rackets and fluorescent yellow rubber balls. It can be played single or double. One might wonder why there are so few tennis video games. Licensing of tennis tournaments held around the world can be complicated. While it is possible to win most Grand Slams, many smaller events have been left out. Still, a game like Mario Tennis proves that its success isn't all about realism, it's about fun.

Let's take a trip down memory lane and visit the best tennis video games of all time. This is a ranking of the best tennis matches of all time.

From a business perspective, sports gaming has boomed recently, with EA and 2K making a lot of money from their football, basketball, hockey, and other sports titles, especially thanks to models like Ultimate Team. Unfortunately for tennis fans, racket sports have not been a part of the craze, and quality tennis matches are rare.

Thankfully, looking back, there was plenty of quality tennis to choose from. So, to help players choose a tennis game, we expanded the list to include some key information about each item, such as release date and available platform.


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