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John P

Here, we have a great collection of 2D running games, as well as some amazing 3D graphics running and dodging games! 

A running game is a game in which you have to run in a series of different environments while avoiding many obstacles. 

You can avoid obstacles by making a sudden turn or turning to the right or left. 

In some running games, monsters or other attackers will chase you, and your goal is to prevent you from getting caught. 

In other games, your attackers are running towards you, and you have to avoid them, or get weapons and power up, so you can knock them down in your way. 

Most running games also have coins, stars and boosters for you to collect. 

In these games, the most important thing is to react quickly and as far away as possible. 

Competitive running and racing Mini Game. 

Running is a very popular sport and is generally considered to be the most accessible of all sports. 

We also have some running games with the theme of track and field, and you can take part in the running race. 

Try to make your runner run faster than anyone else and accurately grasp your stride, turn and jump time!


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