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Mario Golf: Super Rush - 5 Best Items You Should Buy As Soon As Possible

Mario Golf Super Rush is full of interesting items players can make use of. The earlier you get these the better your golf game will be.

Mario has been a lot of things over the years. Throughout his long history, Nintendo's mustachioed mascot has had seemingly every profession under the sun, ranging from a plumber to an Olympic athlete. No pastime seems out of reach for this plucky protagonist and his friends.

It's not all that surprising that he's lumped golf into his list of hobbies. In fact, Mario Golf is its own spinoff series within the larger Mario franchise. The latest title, Mario Golf: Super Rush, expands on the foundations set by previous entries, and everything adds up to a fairly detailed golf sim. As such, players hoping for a hole-in-one will need to know which items to buy, as many of them have a noticeable impact on the game.


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