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How Many 70s Fashion Women Can You Name?

The 1970s was an important era for women. Ten years marked the second wave of feminism. It is called the Women's Rights Movement, which seeks equal rights, opportunities and personal freedom for all women in the United States. The women's rights movement and subsequent liberation promoted the evolution of the breathtaking style and beauty of the past and present in the 1970s. The new sense of freedom and power encourage women to make more bold and bold fashion choices.

The appearance of disco dance followed closely behind, and punk style appeared at the end of the century. All these looks are as flawless as the next one. In this crazy age, the bronzed beach look, bold and shiny lips, and green and blue eye shadows are characteristic. Actresses, models, singers, beauty contestants, female entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and the girl you are next door every day make to have your own beauty and make the most of it into your own business.

Whether you have experienced it or not, you should know at least some of these fashionable ladies, because some of them have made a comeback since that decade! Can you correctly identify these fashionable ladies in the 1970s? The only way to know how well you know them is to take this quiz! In this quiz, take a walk along the memory trail to see these beautiful women!


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