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The shady world of gangsters and underground billionaires, crazy shootouts and street races with the police, unruly life of total freedom and ever-present danger has always been attractive. And it’s a good thing we can try it all safely in games like GTA! This famous franchise allows you to try on the shoes of a real criminal and see if you can survive in the harsh virtual environment where you can be killed any moment if you don’t keep your eyes peeled!

The most widespread storyline of Grand Theft Auto games puts you in a position of a hero that was betrayed or left out to die by one of his friends, or experienced a big failure of some other sort. That  serves as a motive to move up the career ladder. In the end, the hero triumphs over his enemies and gets his revenge.

So, the player is offered the role of a beginning criminal in a big city. As the story proceeds, he gets higher and higher on the mafia career ladder. The leaders of the gangster world will give you various assignments and missions that you need to accomplish to unlock new chapters of the game. Mostly those are bank robberies, assassinations and other criminal deeds. As an alternative time passing, you can make money as a taxi driver, fire fighter, police officer, ambulance driver, street racer and so on. There are also additional missions like learning to control a flying vehicle or even dating a girl, but they aren’t obligatory and can be performed between the main quests.

The GTA series is characterized by a great degree of freedom. The player decides himself what to do at this very moment. Unlike most other games of the genre that are organized as a consequence of levels, GTA allows you to choose which missions to accomplish first, going from the easiest to the hardest or simply selecting those that are geographically convenient. Note that every action of yours will affect your relationships with various organizations. There are exceptions, though: some districts of the city are unavailable at the beginning of the game and some missions also can’t be accessed until you cope with the previous ones.

GTA III and the following games can be distinguished by a fascinating story, the hight quality of character sounding and in game radio stations. The latter imitate a round-the-clock broadcast with interesting guests, ironic DJs, advertisement, talk shows, musics of various genres and many links to American culture. All that amazingly fits into a realistic virtual world with its hectic rhythm of a big city. People remember or imagine the epoch when the events of the game take place. They like the music, atmosphere, clothing and slang of the cities of their time, be it the 80s (VC), early 90s (San Andreas) or the end of the first decade of the 21st century (GTA IV). The use of transport in the urban environment completes the simulation of city life, down to by passers that react to traffic lights. Because of that, playing GTA is not only thrilling, but also aesthetically pleasing! With a number of games available at the moment, you can choose a setting that most suits your preferences, whether a black ghetto or a Latin city at the seashore. There are plenty of adventures waiting for you and many hours of fascinating gameplay to enjoy in GTA!


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