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Can You Name These Greatest Songs Of The 2010s By Female Singers?

Celebrating the ten years of the '90s, looking back from 2010 to 2019, of course, including the music industry, there is no doubt that 2010 is huge in music! We have enjoyed more viral music videos and internet meme songs than before-but if we consider all the songs released from 2010 to the present, we might say that some tracks are more memorable than others.

These top songs of the 2010s have truly become representatives of the decade, helping to define and shape the music environment of the 2010s and most of the periods, and maybe remembered for decades. Therefore, to celebrate the past ten years in the music field In the real whirlwind, we have compiled the 10 best songs that defined the 2010s, so we can completely end the New Year by mixing in all the hits of the past decade.

For music, the entire world, the 2010s have been an extraordinary decade of growth. As the business and culture of music have undergone unprecedented changes, music streaming was born in the United States, so as a company, we are the same as the artists who have been around us since the beginning!

In these ten years, we have experienced the best and the most difficult period. After all this, we have developed into the ever-expanding music world! It can be said that every song in this list, every member has an important meaning.

Marking the careers of some of the most legendary artists of our time, many changes and major transitions have taken place! There are many influential songs so far, these songs have a great influence, each song has its inherent emotion, but also has its different spirit, these songs are light, fascinating, and relaxing! Their voices are clear and clear, even after listening for two hours, they will still be addicted to each word!


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